Recitals and Rain

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely love being a Mom?  There are ups and downs, triumphs and difficulties… but overall, it’s all worth it.  Well, last Friday I got to participate in one of the best parenting activities… and it was my first one!  It’s one of those right of passages as a parent – Avery had a recital at school!

I got a note from daycare, notifying us of the recital, and telling us to dress our kids in black pants and a white shirt.  I was so excited!  Avery has Music and Chorus class every week, so they would be singing.  I had to make a trip with Avery to get black pants (he didn’t have any since I had to pack away most his size 2T pants because he’s grown out of them and I’ve been holding off on buying new ones because it will be shorts weather soon… well I hope, if spring every decides to stay around!  We had snow just the other day!), and after two stores, we finally found a pair.  He had a nice white dress shirt from Victoria for his Bday last fall.

The morning came of his big day, so I dressed him up…

He was so handsome and looked so grown up!  I dropped him off at school, and came back that afternoon.  The recital was setup in one of the Kindergarten classrooms – their tiny chairs were setup for the parents (the kind where only one adult butt cheek fits onto the seat), and each classroom was brought in one at a time…

This is the whole group sitting quietly while the older kids played piano:


5-6 older kids played a different song on the piano (they were so impressive!!) and then it was time for Avery’s class to sing…

Yes, Avery just stood there!  Not a peep out of him - and he kept looking behind him, haha. But as soon as we got in the car after the ‘show’, he was singing away!  The room packed full of parents with cameras was intimidating, I’m sure.  He did such a great job! (proud mommy here!)

Now, before I get busy moving this weekend, I wanted to share some pictures and video from this past weekend – We had a rainy day, but Avery and I took a walk to get donuts and splashed our way there…



We’re moving TOMORROW!  It may take us a while to settle in, so I’ll be back soon… from VERMONT!

<3 Meghan

Pre-Move Frenzy

Life gets pretty crazy when you decide to move!  The past week has been filled with squeezing in play dates with all our friends down here in Mass, making arrangements to move, and getting things squared away at work.

Play dates.  Although we do have a ton of friends and family in Vermont, we will be leaving some friends down here.  After being in Boston for 10 years, there are a few people I will miss :( So, I’ve made it a point the past two weeks to spend some time with everyone before we move.  My friend from college and the gym, Jarrod, popped by on a Saturday while his wifey was getting her hair did.  Avery was sleeping, so we got to chat for an hour. We spent a weeknight over at Phylis (she’s been my closest friend at work) and Joe’s house for dinner and played with them.

IMG_1339Phylis even scored some bruins tickets last weekend, so we went out together for a girls outing while the guys, Phylis’ husband and son, played with Avery.
On another weeknight, Pat came over and we watched Frozen with Avery.  We had popcorn and watched the movie in our pajamas!

We spent Saturday morning with Avery’s friend from his old daycare, Emmett, and we met Emmett’s new little brother, Finn.

IMG_1337They boys had fun eating lolli pops and playing at a sand table.


Sunday, we met up with my two girl friends from my Masters program, Jess and Victoria, at a mall play place.  Jess’s daughter and Avery had fun running around while us girls talked – for 3 hours!


Moving.  Tonight I start packing! Pat’s coming over to help.  Friday, my parents, sister, and Joey are coming to help move – not before we celebrate first - at the Red Sox Game! IMG_1327
Friday night we’ll all go to the game.  I’ve got a truck rented, so we’ll pack it up on Saturday, go out to dinner Saturday night, and then leave Sunday morning.  My Dad was amazing (as always) and cleared out room in his garage for all our storage stuff, so when we get to VT, we can unload and store it where we’ll be living and not have to pay for or deal with the hassle of getting a storage unit.  My apartment lease had to be broken – in Boston, there aren’t any month to month places, so I knew signing a year long lease last October would bite me in the butt, but the penalty I had to pay is going to be worth the move.  So excited… we’ll be moving in just 4 days!

Work. With the intentions of moving to VT, I had to get a job lined up there to support Avery and I.  I had a couple opportunities and one company that held a position for me.  However, when I gave my notice with my current employer, they came back an hour later asking if I would work from home from VT.  Of course I would!!!  As you have heard me talk before about how great my company is, this really shows it.  I didn’t want to leave, but I thought moving to VT meant cutting ties with them… apparently not!  I’ll be moving back into Coordination work (drawing plumbing systems in 3D on the computer) instead of Project Management, which means I’ll probably be working side by side with Phylis again!  She was my mentor for a year :)  So, my company is working out the details, and my parents have generously allowed me to use their home office while we stay with them, so just getting all that situated and I’ll be good to go!  I am so excited to still work for the same company, and also be making the salary and benefits I currently have – that just means I can pay off my student loans SO much faster – and save for a house for Avery and I sooner!

Avery and I will be living with my parents for a while, to save up money.  And it just so happens that my lil sister got into Grad School (yay, Sarah!!!) and she’ll be leaving in May, which means, we can make her room into Avery’s room!  Dad has the great idea to build bunk beds for Avery and I, so I can work in the office, but we can both sleep in Avery’s room – and my parent’s basement is already Avery’s play space – so he has space inside to play.  And yes, Avery will still be going to daycare full time.  He enjoys it and I think it’s good for him – plus, I can’t work with him running around!  I’ve got him enrolled in a daycare center just a few miles from my parents house.  He’s got a week vacation before he starts though – with Mimi! I have to be back in Mass next week after the move to smooth out the transition, so Avery will stay with Mimi for a few days in VT, since she’s on vacation from school.

Back to work for me… busily trying to get all my work transferred over to the new guy…

Do you work from home?  What should I expect?  Any tips/tricks for me to be as productive as possible, but also stay sane – not having coworkers around to talk with will be different!

<3 Meghan

NUMB3RS: Big News

It’s been a while since I did one of these posts…

Last week I shared some pretty big news, followed by more big news. I knew I had the love and support of friends and family… but I wasn’t expecting this…


On the day I shared our news about moving to Vermont, this blog had 736 hits!  On a typical day, 20-100 people visit this blog.  So you can imagine how big my eyes got when I saw this when I logged into the blog the next day!

I always share a link to my blog posts on facebook, which also got some activity…


62 likes and 25 comments!!!  I wasn’t expecting such and outpouring of support… thank you everyone :)

And my other big news, I squeaked into the end of my last post… so nothing is true until it’s on Facebook, right?

53 likes… and when I first posted it… the picture that showed up was this one…



I’m in the green on the right and Joey is behind me.  That was taken Sophomore year in Highschool.  No, we didn’t go together.  We weren’t even friends in highschool, but we recently reconnected…10 years later!

How’s that for a bunch of numbers??!!!

Avery and I are busy busy getting ready for our big move this coming weekend… I have lots to post from this past week and weekend, hopefully I can keep up amongst all the packing….

<3 Meghan

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Splish Splash Birthday Bash

It’s that time of year… mid-March thru mid-June are four months full of my Dad’s Birthday, Mom’s Birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and my parent’s anniversary.  To avoid lame cheap gifts for each event (cuz let’s face it, my sis and I aren’t loaded and can’t afford fancy gifts for all these events in such a short time frame), my sis and I have collaborated every year to get them a really nice gift, for all those ‘holidays’ mushed together (yes, mushed is a word in my vocabulary).

We’ve got them trips to B&Bs and even a white water rafting trip when they drove cross country.  We print out the info and make a little binder or booklet for them and give it to them around Dad’s birthday – the start of the festive months.  This year… it was more of a family affair… that turned into a double family affair.

This year, we bought tickets for all of us (Mimi, Grampy, Aunt Sarah, Avery and I) to Jay Peak’s indoor Waterpark!10012624_10152325882799722_1461808225_n

There’s water slides, a lazy river, a surfing thing, water basketball, a kids area, arcade and food.  What better way to yet another cold winter day, than inside at a waterpark!!!

And what made it even more fun… our friends, the Tuckers, joined us for the day!


The Tuckers are good friends from the town I’m from in Vermont.  I went to school with Joey, and my sis went to school with his sister, Sarah (insert giggle – both Sarahs!).

When Avery saw the water park, his eyes lit up and he started pointing and talking about what he saw.  We were all so excited!  We got suited up and headed into the lazy river first…

Here he is taking a dip… for such a big place, he didn’t seem intimidated at all…


I knew Avery would love the water because he loves bathtime and loved his pool last summer… but man did he really love that lazy river…


We took turns going around with Avery because he didn’t want to get out!


He would laugh and giggle when we were all bumping into each other, or going under the water.  He had a ball!


The park was very busy, and we were lucky to have a home base table to watch from.

Now, we can’t forget this whole trip was for my parents… did they have fun?


I think so!  The ‘big kids’ played on the water slides most of the day. We did some lazy river riding and basketball, and there was even a rock wall in the water…


That’s Sarah and Thomas :)


There’s Joey Avery and I after some hoops and attempting the rock wall.  Avery kept trying to pull the things you hold onto off and saying ‘stuck!’


See the different colored tubes in the background… well I’m petrified of heights.  It was difficult for me just to walk up the stairs to go down the slides.  But the red one… it’s one you stand vertical in, and the floor drops out from under you and you go thru a loop!  I wouldn’t dare go on it! Everyone else did, and thruout the day, Richard kept bugging me to ride it and offering me money… until it was the end of the day and he offered like $100 or something and I said nope, I’ll do it for free… and I did it!

I think my favorite part of the day was when EVERYONE in our group was on the lazy river together (well, except Lorri who took pics of us!)



Avery had such a fun time watching us bounce into each other and fall over or go under water…


We took Avery to the kids area a couple times, but he wasn’t too thrilled.


His favorite part of the kids area was these water spouts:

Sarah and I bought lunch for our family… we had hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, salad, the works!  And a special day in the water isn’t complete without a pop…


That pop must have been a foot long!


I couldn’t help but take a bunch of pictures of Avery eating it…


Oh, and since we made it ‘facebook offical’ this week (because nothing is true until it’s on facebook, right?), this is my boyfriend ;)


That’s how the two-family event kinda got pulled together… I’ll share more later ;)

We were all exhausted after a long day of fun in the water… but we still had an hour drive back to my parents house… and 5 of us cramped in my car, well, it was entertaining for sure…

<3 Meghan

I’m Coming Home

Correction… WE are coming home.
2014-04-07 18.15.12
After a long divorce battle the past 8 months, we filed our divorce agreement last Monday.  Part of our agreement, is that Avery and I get to move (back) to Vermont.  After 10 years of living in Boston, I’m moving home – and bringing my baby with me.

I want to send out a special thanks to everyone that sent their love and support this past year.  It’s been a difficult journey, but your emails, letters, messages, prayers and thoughts, and help with the divorce process helped us get here… home!

I’ll share more details later, but I’m busy this week working out the move and work details. We’ll be moving in with my parents so I can pay off my student loans and save up for a house for Avery and I.  So much good stuff is to come…!!!

Ok, now let’s eat cake!

2014-04-05 18.51.21


<3 Meghan

Two and a Half

It’s amazing… motherhood.  Every day, Avery brings a smile to my face, even after he throws a tantrum in the middle of the CVS parking lot… I can’t help but smile (after I take a deep breath and carry him back to the car kicking and screaming of coarse).  All the ups and downs that come with motherhood and raising a growing boy… it’s seriously amazing.  I am thankful every day I have this little bundle of energy running circles around me.  All the tantrums and well-deserved time outs are always outnumbered by the giggles, hugs, kisses, and fun times we share together.
I can’t believe Avery is 2 1/2.  He’s almost in Preschool!  The past couple months, Avery has grown into a boy… I look at him and see a kid, not a baby, and not a toddler.  A boy.  He’s so smart, talking in multiple sentences, repeating everything, and oh man his personality has really come out.  He’s stubborn and determined.  He has a temper and a kind heart.  He has energy for days.  He loves the water, hates the sun, and would rather be outside in the snow or dirt than anywhere.

Avery’s favorite activities on a daily basis are playing with his trains, legos, matchbox cars, and he’s really been into puzzles lately.  He loves going outside and just playing in the dirt, or driving his lawn mower around.  He loves to paint and color with chalk and markers.  Avery loves bath time and his favorite shows are Thomas the Train and Tayo the Bus.
Avery speaks in full sentences.  Sometimes it takes a while for him to spit it out, but if you are patient and help him find the words he is looking for, he says things like, “Mommy, I no like dat one. I want red one. Dat one is too big”  And he says the funniest things.  While walking up the stairs in our apartment building, he stops, mid stair and flops,

m: “Avery what’s wrong?”

a: “Mommy, there’s too much traffic. I’s stuck”

Avery can count to 15.

a: one, two, three, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, fourteen, fifteen

Avery knows all his colors.  He’s working on the difficult ones like grey and gold.  He’s got all his shapes down.  Just last month he pointed to a shape, maybe a trapezoid or something odd and says ‘hexagon!’

Avery’s growing!!! He’s outgrown his size 2T pants, and his pajamas (size 3T) are getting small.  He’s over 3 feet tall, and eats and sleeps like he’s always going thru a growth spurt!  He sleeps 10-11 hours a night and takes a 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 hour nap a day.  He eats full meals and loves snacks like clementines, pretzels, veggie straws, and fruit gummies.  He’s still a big meat eater and loves rices and pasta.  Veggies.. we’re still working on those.  Both of us.  His favorite treat is dum dum loli pops.
Avery is a toddler, and with that, he knows what he wants and can communicate it.  If it’s time to switch activities and he doesn’t want to, he will protest.  We’ve had struggles getting into or out of the car, going inside when it’s lunch time, or even just walking up stairs.  I’m pretty good at judging his mood and working around the issue without bribing or giving in.  I talk to Avery, give him options, count to three, explain the consequeces, and most of the time, he finally obliges.  Other times, he has a time out or throws a fit and I’ve had to carry him out of a situation.  Overall, he’s a pretty good listener.  But oh man, the energy.  Avery has so much energy.  Imagine trying to get a wild monkey from the jungle to put a coat on… that’s most mornings in our house… or getting Avery to brush is teeth is like taming a Kangaroo!  And its so hard to keep a stern and straight face, especially when he’s looking at his reflection in the tiles on the bathroom wall and says ‘Oh no, Monster Mommy, scary!’ and leaps in to my arms… and then demands I do the same.  Or when he wants ME to sit in HIS lap to read books at bed time.  Quite the character!
Yes, some days are more difficult than others, and exhaust me (and him!), but for the most part, we’re having fun, getting what we need done, and just enjoying life together.  Just last weekend we went to a waterpark!  I’ll share pictures soon!

Happy 2 1/2 little man, xoxo!  and TGIF… off to a fun filled weekend at home with my little man… on the agenda… a play date, some laundry, grocery shopping, and hopefully LOTS of fun outside!

<3 Meghan

P.S. I finally uploaded pictures of our apartment on this page!


Bye Bye $25K

Not much to report on the $ front for February.  I had to wait until my tax return to make any strides with student loans – so I waited until I had my numbers for march to share my progress.

Student loans… oh how I loath you, but man does it feel good when I pay one of them off!

16 Month Progress

  • Debt Nov 2012: $41,868.53
  • Debt Mar 2014: $24,578.49
  • Total Debt Paid Off: $17,290.04

It’s official. I am under $25K in student loan debt!!!!  I whisked by $25k and I hope to see $20k in a couple months!!! February was bleak, just paid the minimums, knowing my tax return was coming and I could pay much more in March with my tax return and raise I got at work.

February Review

  • Starting Balance: $29,149.64
  • End Balance: $28,881.65
  • Paid Towards Loans: $361.39
  • Interest Paid: $130.27
  • Principle Paid: $237.18

March Review

  • Starting Balance: $28,881.65
  • End Balance: $24,578.49
  • Paid Towards Loans: $4,329.27
  • Interest Paid: $100.51
  • Principle Paid: $4,240.72

Yeah, I seriously put over FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS into loans this month, woohoo! I paid off a loan, and put another $750 towards the next loan on my list to pay off.


I’m getting closer to that goal (red line).  I should be able to put more $ towards paying off the next loan every month because my minimums are going down by $65/month, so that money I can roll into the next loan I’m chipping away at.

Loan Pay Off Plan

  • SM 1-08 @ 6.55% (February ’13): $0
  • SM 1-07 @ 6.55% (Nov’13): $688
  • SM 1-05 @ 6.55% (Nov’14): $3020
  • SM 1-06 @ 6.55% (Mar ’14): $3274
  • SM 1-02 @ 6.55% (Sept ’14): $5,582.77  <– This is next!!!
  • SM 1-01 @ 6.55% (2015): $7,111.72
  • VSAC C @ 4.77% (2015): $2,031.45
  • VSAC A @ 3.17% (2015): $4,548.58
  • VSAC B @ 3.17% (2015): $2,265.07
  • SM 1-03 @ 2.1% (2015): $1,303.50
  • SM 1-04 @ 2.1% (2015): $1,737.86

I’m still paying off the higher interest loans first.  It’s really going to save me money in the long term.  For example, the loan I just paid off was $3,274.  If I continued to pay the minimums on it, in 2022 (EIGHT years from now!), it would finally be paid off, but in the end, with all the interest, I would have paid this much:


By paying off the loan ahead of time, I saved $3,000!!!! Yay!  That’s more money in my pocket down the road, to save for a a house for Avery and I.

I’ve been good with our monthly budget too – still logging every penny I earn and spend.  I’ve made more than I spent every month, so it’s all working out.  Having to log it really does put $ into perspective and keep me on my toes about what I spend.  I know on a daily basis if I need to pinch pennies or if I can splurge and buy something unneccessary, like buying Avery a Mater and Lighting McQueen car set for his Easter basket – I’m stocking up to make him one – filled with toys, not candy!  We still have so much candy leftover from Valentines Day!

As exciting as this month was paying off another loan, I know I have some financial struggles up ahead.  I have a decent savings from selling the house last fall, but most of that is going to lawyer fees for the divorce.  Sad that it’s just being washed away, but I know it’s being put to good use.  It’s all going to fighting for what’s best for Avery.  It’s very difficult seeing that hard earned $ slip away.  That was so many weekends of home improvement projects with family and friends that make our fixer upper into such a lovely home.  It bugs me that I have to start all over saving for a home for Avery and I, and I won’t have any $ leftover after the lawyer bills, but I will know that I fought for Avery to have the best life possible for him, and for that, it’s worth every penny.  And with these student loans paid off soon, I can start saving again to buy a home for Avery and I – somewhere he and I can live for a LONG time.  No bouncing around from apartment to apartment – he will have a stable home for forever.

<3 Meghan

Check out my About Meghan page for more posts on finances and paying off my student loans.