Living it up

It’s time for an update on our Living Room renovation!  We’re headed out this weekend to get a new couch, so your feedback would be great!

Living Room (Before):

Living Room Floor Plan (Before):

Our first plan of action was to remove the fake (yes, it was fake) fireplace.  From there we would paint, update light switches and outlets, and move our furniture in (this includes mounting Vinay’s big screen TV!).  We did all this the first week of renovations, while we were working on the kitchen renovation.  We had tons of help from family and friends!

The Renovation:

Living Room (Progress):

So, with all that complete, we added the furniture from our old apartment, and are investing in a few new pieces.  This is our plan for the room…

Living Room Floor Plan (Proposed):

and the last things we need are the sofa and area rug.  We’re thinking about this sofa because it’s a sleeper, and we need extra room for our friends and family that visit because we don’t have a guest room.

We’re off in the morning to go sofa shopping! Avery’s Aunts & Grammie are visiting for the weekend, so we can hopefully fit the sofa in the SUV since we won’t have the carseat!

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