A Cabin in the Woods

I’ve had this project looming over my head for months, and FINALLY got to it last night.  Well, technically last night and this morning.  My head hit the pillow at 12:15AM, and for once, it wasn’t because of Avery.

My sweet Aunt and Uncle are building a cabin in Vermont.  They have an existing foundation with a unique shape and were throwing around design ideas.  They enlisted my help to show them the idea in 3D so they could better visualize what it was going to look like.  Not everyone has an easy time reading and understanding architectural plans and elevations – so I made them a quick (4 hour) model from the plans and elevations my Dad drew up for them.

The Exterior

Interior – Option A (The stair location, bathroom & kitchen layouts differ from A to B)


Interior – Option B

I’m waiting for my Aunt & Uncle to get back to me with their feedback before moving up to the second floor which will have a bath above the first floor one, two bedrooms above the dining and kitchen areas, and an open space above the living room.

Now, you’re asking yourself, why in the world did I stay up all hours of the night (and morning) to do this?  First of all, when else would I have the time?  I tried making time for months and it’s very hard to work while Avery is awake and I would just rather play with him – so while he was sleeping was the best option.  Second, I love helping family, especially when they reach out for my design help, and third, my Aunt demanded that she pay for my ‘services’.  So, into the Avery fund it will go!  He’s due for a new car seat (he’s creeping up to the 30″ limit in his current one) so this will go straight to that!

Do you like Option A or B?  Do you have any design critiques or helpful suggestions?  Do you have a cabin or summer home that you designed yourself? Is it as creepy as that movie that just came out?  I haven’t and won’t be seeing that movie by the way… I don’t do scary movies.  They’re scary! I can’t sleep afterwards…and right now, I need sleep.

6 thoughts on “A Cabin in the Woods

  1. I prefer Option B because it opens up the “great room” a bit more than Option A. BUT the circulation in Option A is a bit better because once you come down the stairs you have the ability to either go left or right. What’s the purpose of the cabin? Is it a family retreat? If there will be kids involved, maybe option B is still better because people carrying plates of food from the kitchen to the dining area won’t run the risk of running into boisterous kids clambering up and down the stairs, or even just each other. Then again, Option A provides the opportunity for a great double-high kitchen space with a second floor that overlooks the kitchen and a nice chandelier at the main entry hanging from the second level ceiling over the stair. They both have their pro’s and con’s. I still do prefer Option B because that area between the kitchen and dining table will be high-traffic with the stairs, the front door, and people wanting to eat.

  2. i like option B! Are you a designer!? How fun! And i don’t like scary movies either!! My hubby tries to make me watch them! Anything even remotely scary will keep me awake for weeks!

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