FIT in 40: The Home Stretch

7 days.  I can’t believe I only have a week left of my FIT in 40 health kick.   After 33 days of watching what I eat, and working out as much as I can, I feel better about myself.  I got a compliment today at work – someone asked if I did Atkins or something, since I looked so thin.  I was flattered, and proud to say it was just due to hard work and dedication.

That definitely added to my confidence level -which, by the way, has gone way up after a day of shopping for a bathing suit!  I tried on 3 suits, and the second was the winner.  It’s not polka dot, but I felt pretty good in it.  I’m actually excited to wear it on vacation…

Here’s an update on my progress:

  • Day: 33
  • Days to Go: 7
  • Weight Loss: 3lbs-ish. The weight loss was never a goal… but it’s nice to know I chipped a few numbers off the scale – especially since the number on the scale is a lot less than pre-Avery!
  • Daily Calorie Net: 1400-ish. I haven’t been logging calories every day, but I do say no to lots of things (chips, sweets, etc) and make sure my portion size isn’t crazy.
  • Guilty Pleasures: I had a soft serve ice cream over the weekend… but I shared it… so it wasn’t that bad :)
  • Exercise Frequency: 4-5 times/wk.  I try to squeeze in at least 15-20 minutes at home with Avery – the weather hasn’t been cooperating, but when it does, we will do more strolling.
  • Bikini Confidence: 8 out of 10.  I’m actually excited to wear it instead of freaked out.
  • Motivational Picture: Here it is – the ‘goal’ bikini.  I’ll share pictures of me in it when we get back from vacation, but for now, here’s an image of it all by it’s lonesome.

Does it look familliar?  It looks like the ‘petite’ option from my last post. I decided on the bikini because it works best with my body type and I think I’ll wear my stretch marks proudly :)


How is your bathing suit confidence?  Are you getting in shape for summer?  What are your secrets to a beach-ready body?

7 thoughts on “FIT in 40: The Home Stretch

  1. That’s a HOT LITTLE NUMBER! Love the suit.. but love to hear you say how good you feel inside and out. You really worked hard! HAVE FUN rockin’ that two piece.

    • Thanks, Stacey. It’s amazing how different I feel and look after such a short time. I just had to stick to a plan and follow thru. It’ll all be worth it next week!

      • Follow through is tough sometimes. No matter what the goal. I’m certainly happy for you. Have fun and take lots of pictures!

  2. CUTE suit! I was at the pool this past weekend and not confident at all. I am about a 5 out of 10 on the confidence scale. I wore a tankini but i am hoping to be bikini in another 2 months

    • Good luck! I hope your bikini confidence rises for the summer bathing suit weather. Are you going to work out, eat healthy, whats your plan?

      • yes ma’am! I have been trying to work out more but its hard with the hubby traveling. I get to the gym twice a week, do yoga once a week, try to walk after work and always walk during lunch. i need to improve my eating habits and try to get my daily calorie intake down to 1500

      • Wow, that sounds like a great plan. We walked at lunch last summer… I should start that up again… if it ever stops raining here. Our April showers have carried over to May. It’s been raining for days here. Ugh.

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