One is Not Like the Other


Oh shoe, Oh shoe, where art thou?

We turn around and Avery is sans one sock, or in today’s case, one shoe.

What do your little ones tend to lose the most?  I am not looking forward to the stage where Avery figures out how to take off his own diaper!

4 thoughts on “One is Not Like the Other

  1. Isn’t it so hard putting their shoes on at this age? Lili constantly has her monkey toes going on as soon as she sees her shoes. I’m like, “LILI, STOP CURLING THE TOES!!!” LOL Too cute.

    • Yes! And once I get them on, he always manages to kick them off… and then the socks too! Good thing summer is coming and he can go bare foot soon…

  2. She ALWAYS looses her socks!! I don’t even put them on her anymore. considering it is so hot here, she really doesn’t need them. I should probably start putting shoes on her! lol

    • hahaha. I only do the shoes if we have an outing, so he looks cute, or if it’s cold because it keeps him warmer than just socks. So if it’s warm there, I don’t think shoes are a must have.

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