Vacation: Costa Rica

Here’s a look at our fun & sun filled vacation to Costa Rica!

Day 1: Travel & Tamarindo

Our first day of vacation started VERY early.  We were up at 3am, at the airport in Boston at 4:30am and in the air at 6:30am.  After a tranfer in Newark, and 7 hours in the sky, we landed in Liberia, Costa Rica – and oh did it feel like a world away from Boston!  It had been raining and chilly the past week in Boston.  As soon as we set foot in the airport in Liberia, we were hit with the humid, hot air! 93 degrees.  We were sweating the minute we set foot outside!

The bride and groom of the wedding we made the trip for picked us and another couple up at the airport.  A short hour ride later (which was interesting being squished – 6 people in a Rav4) we were in Tamarindo.


We stayed the night at a house the bride & groom had rented and that night – Casa Ruby.  It was gorgeous!  Modern design – beautiful indoor/outdoor rooms.


That night, 4 other couples joined us for a BBQ birthday celebration for the groom.  Here’s everyone congregating in the kitchen…

And we ended the night at a local bar with some margaritas!

Day 2: Exploring the Hotel

The next day we enjoyed sleeping in (Yes!), and then checked into the hotel where the wedding was being held: the JW Marriott Guanacaste – a little south west of Tamarindo.  Our room was amazing…Big comfy bed, a pool and ocean view, and the bathroom opened up to the bed area.. pretty cool!

And yes, we totally took a bath in that awesome soaking tub!

After we checked out our digs, we were off to the pool and beach  (where I wore my new bikni – post baby!) for some lounging, then to a nice sit down dinner, just the two of us – I had some juicy chicken and Vinay had tender steak – delicious!

Day 3: Running with the Horses

We knew we wanted to do an excursion, but being new parents, we didn’t want to do anything too crazy – so we tried horseback riding (something neither of us had done before)!  We went with another couple, and two guides took us for a 2 hour ride through pastures, up a hill over looking the coastline, through the forest (or jungle?) and we saw iguanas and monkeys!  And we ended the ride on the beach!

That night we had dinner with this couple and the groom’s dad and wife – enjoyed a few glasses of wine and a big buffet of local foods – I liked the pineapple pork best!

Day 4: Wedding Day!

The wedding was in the afternoon, right before sunset so we thought we’d enjoy the sun and lay by the pool with the other wedding goers we had met.  BAD IDEA.  You’ll see from the pictures at the wedding that I got SOOO sunburnt!  Apprently, Costa Rica is close to the equator… :)

Here’s a few shots before the ceremony…

Awe, isn’t he so handsome!  Vinay was (obviously) in the wedding party – he’s known the groom since college and they still keep in touch even though the groom’s been living in Detroit.

And check out the gorgeous ceremony site!  On a grassy knoll right in front of the beach with beautiful trees and a sunset for a backdrop! (don’t mind the justice of the peace ruining my shot here…)

There were also cocktail tables setup with the wedding colors and a few sweet touches like these signs.

And here we are with my stunning (literally!) tan lines and strapless RED dress.  Couldn’t have packed a better choice! (P.S. This dress is a bridesmaid dress that I shortened)

And then it was time for dum – dum – de -dum !


Nope, that’s not the bride!  In Costa Rica, it’s tradition for the bridesmaids to wear white (so I heard), so the two bridesmaids had on pretty white (beach appropriate) dresses.  And NOW here comes the bride…

The ceremony was half in spanish and half in english.  It was so sweet and we felt so special being a part of it!  Congratulations Mariana and Kris!

And they totally lucked out with the weather (well, it was still hot but that was to be expected) but the sunset was amazing and they must have got some beautiful shots with their photographer.  We peaked a little sneak at them down on the beach taking photos…

While they were taking pictures, we enjoyed some local fare and refreshing drinks… and the gorgeous sunset!

And then it was off to the reception!  The decorations were so pretty – teal and pink.  Mariana really outdid herself, especially planning a wedding from afar!

And then it was time for some food, drinks, and dancing!  And even a special performance by Costarican dancers!

Day 5: By Air & By Land

We flew back to the Boston the next day – another two flights and got into Boston after 11PM.  But our travelling wasn’t over yet.  After going through customs (which was fun because I still have my maiden name on my passport-oops!) and getting our bags, and finally getting to our car, it was midnight.  Then we drove up to VT.  FOUR HOURS.  On top of the 8-9 hours of flying and airports we already had for the day. Why?  My little sister’s graduation was the next morning.

Day 6: Graduation Day

We made in to VT at 5am, were we met up with our little guy – Avery had been staying with Grammy and Grampy all this time.  (Check out the pictures from Avery’s Stay-cation). And although we were pretty sleep deprived, we made it to graduation.  Well, kinda.  Avery was NOT cooperative so I spent 3 1/2 hours strolling him around outside the auditorium, but we enjoyed bits and pieces and got some nice celebratory pictures!

Day 7: More Travel…

After a fun day celebrating my little sis’ graduation, we high-tailed it back home to Boston.  We were exhausted from all the travel, but refreshed from a couple days away from our crazy daily life.

Our next trip is actually next week!  We’ll be visiting Vinay’s family in California… and Avery is coming with us!

Have you been to a destination wedding?  What’s the farthest you’ve traveled to attend a wedding?  This is the farthest we’ve gone!  And we’re glad we made the effort because we had such a great time!

7 thoughts on “Vacation: Costa Rica

    • Thanks, Denise. We had such a great trip and we hope to keep in touch too. We live so close, yet the only times we’ve met up are far from home! :)

  1. Beautiful pictures! I’d love to got to Costa Rica one day! Never been to a destination wedding besides our own. We got married in Maui, but it was much smaller than that wedding…only family (about 18 people total).
    Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation! Was it super hard leaving Avery behind? As much as I’d love a relaxing beach vacation I’m just not sure I could enjoy myself because I’m afraid I’d miss Annabel too much. But maybe not! How was it being away?

    • Wow, you got married in Maui?!? How exciting! Why Maui?

      It wasn’t hard leaving Avery behind actually. It was my first time away from him overnight but since he was with my family, I didn’t have a worry at all. He was teething though so I was just hoping that wasn’t too rough on him.

      Being away just the two of us was great. It was like vacations used to be before we got married. It was great to get away from daily life and just relax and do whatever we felt like, instead of doing the daily stuff that NEEDS to get done. We promised we’ll do a trip like this every year, just the two of us. :)

      • It kind of started as a joke actually when I was stressed with starting to plan a wedding. Like “let’s just get married in Hawaii!” And then we were both like, are you really serious, because I am! So that’s how it happened:)

        I think it’s a great idea to take a yearly parents-only vacation and it’s good to know it wasn’t so hard! While I don’t think we can swing anything like Costa Rica in the near future, we should at least get away for a weekend!

      • Haha, yes the next getaway won’t be far away, but it’ll be something close and relaxing. Do you have pictures of your wedding on your blog? I’ll have to check them out!

      • I don’t think I have many wedding pictures on the blog, but I may have to do a post in the future! We also got really lucky with a gorgeous sunset….after an afternoon of heavy rain, so I love the pictures!

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