A Fresh Start!

We Moved!  This weekend my amazing parents came down (again – two weeks in a row) and helped Avery and I move out of our house (which has been sold and we close on Nov 1st), and into our new apartment!  As big of a change this is, I haven’t shed a tear or had a bad thought about the move.  This is a good thing for Avery and I.  A fresh start, a smaller more manageable place for just the two of us, and a ridiculously shorter commute to daycare and work for us!  Good stuff all around!

So, last week I signed the lease and got the keys.


I took another peak at the apartment and thought it looked smaller than when I first looked at it… ugh.  No need to fret, because I drew up a floor plan (yep, nerdy CAD me) and I knew everything would fit…

apartment floor plan

Yes, I gave Avery the bigger of the two bedrooms. He has way more stuff than me and I’m just excited that I get a closet (I had only an armoire the past 2 years) and a nightstand (our house was too small for a nightstand on both sides of the bed so I have been using the floor the past 2 years).  And once we got all the stuff in, we moved things around from my original plan so I’ll have to post an updated plan after we settle in.

And look what is right outside our door…


A playground!

Friday was Avery’s last day at daycare, so we handed out these flowers to his teachers.  And to my surprise, he had a Halloween bucket full of goodies and cards and a balloon from everyone at daycare.  Oh how they will be missed!


MiMi and Grampy were already at the house when we came home Friday night.  We had a special Chinese take out dinner and packed a few more things before resting up for the big move.

Saturday morning, Dad and I got the U-haul and oh man, Avery was thrilled!!!  He played in the truck for a bit before we loaded it up.


Then it was time to pack her up.  Dad and I packed while Mom and Avery played.  My good friend, Bao, came over to help us and we moved even faster.  Avery got a kick out of the dolly and MiMi took him for a ride…


2-1/2 hours of packing and we the truck was bursting at the seams and ready to go!  Unloading took MUCH longer than loading did.  Especially since we are on the second floor and the parking lot is a ways from the apartment… 100 trips later, our new place looked like this…


Avery’s room:

That’s Avery napping in his new room on his mattress… tired boy from a busy day of moving!

My room:

My friend, Maria, came over and played with Avery so Mom, Dad, and I could unload.  We got it all done and the truck returned by dark.  We unpacked the kitchen, and assembled Avery’s and my bed, but then it was time for a break!  We went out to dinner and had a fun time.  Sitting at the table, I was sooo sore.  I had done most of the heavy lifting with Dad and I have bruises and cuts to prove it!  Luckily, I’m in shape so I didn’t break anything and I kept telling my Dad that I was keeping him young because this was the 6th move in the 9 years I’ve lived in Boston -every single one he has helped with.

Sunday, Avery spent the day with his Dad, so My Dad and I went back to the house to get the items that don’t fit in our new place and they would store in VT.  One last sweep of the house, and a goodbye photo:


Bye-Bye house!  Many memories.. but all the memories are captured in my mind and pictures – the house is just a house, materialistic.  What matters is that Avery and I have a home now that we will be happy and healthy in.

When we came back from our final trip to the house, Mom had gotten Avery’s room all setup!


When Avery came home last night, he was THRILLED – because all the same stuff is in his room – plus his new train table from his birthday, he is adjusting well.

We got to unpacking and after a couple hours… our new living room looks like this:


My Dad was not pleased with my living room setup because it lacked a key component – a TV!  I have gone the past 3 months without a TV and I love it.  It saves so much money, and I just use my IPad from work for Avery when he wants to watch a little Thomas the Train or Barney in the mornings.

So everything except my room and the bathroom were unpacked – and I could work on those this week.  Before Mom and Dad headed back to VT, they took me to Costco and stocked me up with diapers, wipes, meat, a few pair of pajamas for Avery, and a couple food items.  Thank you so much Mommy and Daddy!!!  They headed off in the afternoon and I hit the road to grab some items like a bathroom tub plug, command strips for picture frames, etc. and food shopping.  I had enough time to fill the fridge when I got home before picking Avery up –


Avery and I played before dinner…


Then, after Avery went to bed, I packed our lunches and made myself a yummy salad for dinner and opened the book my Mom got me…


Not a bad end to a long weekend of moving – but we lucked out with weather and friends helping and Avery is adjusting well – he slept thru the night both nights and when I took him to his new daycare this morning, he was thrilled.  And I was even more thrilled when my 1 – 1.5 hour morning commute turned into 14 minutes!  10 minutes from our new home to Avery’s daycare (2 miles) and 4 minutes from daycare to my office.

A fresh start.  So excited and proud of myself.


Happy Friday!  It’s been a while since I’ve been in the mood to celebrate High Five for Friday (join the link up party with Lauren, here). I had a great week, at work, at home, with the love and support of my family.  So why not celebrate it?!  Here are a few highlights from this past week:

1. Wedding Weekend!

Last weekend, my cousin and long time fiance (FINALLY) got married!  And I was in the wedding party, so this has been a busy couple months with the shower, bachelorette, wedding planning, etc. I had fun with my Mom prepping lots of the goodies for the wedding and last Friday we hiked up to VT to celebrate.

We prepped and decorated the reception area…


And I even DIY’d her wedding programs…


We had gorgeous weather… and it all went smooth… well, until the groom forgot his vows in his truck and had to run and get them…


I had such a great time getting to know these ladies the past few months <3


And isn’t this shot pretty awesome?!


So happy for my cousins, Mr & Mrs Valyou :)  Oh and I had a pretty amazing weekend at the wedding too – it was nice to be with friends and family all weekend :)

Oh and Avery had fun all weekend with Grammy and Grampy and he even got a ride on a big bike from the Bride’s Dad…


2. Fun with the Neighbors!

Three afternoons this week, we’ve come home and spent an hour or more next door with the neighbor’s kids – coloring chalk and riding bikes.


Seinna is almost 3, and her brother, Preston is 5, so the kids have fun playing together.  I even made a racetrack for then to drive around on their bikes, so much fun!


3. Toddler Bed Sleep Training

Well, we are on week 3 of the toddler bed and still haven’t mastered it.  I’m trying something new this week and it worked well the first night, the second night, not so much.  We’re gonna keep working on it though.

I was sitting next to him and waiting for him to fall asleep, but the second I got up to leave, he would wake up.  This resulted in me falling asleep on the floor or in the rocking chair a couple nights and took 2 hours one night earlier this week.  Wasn’t doing that anymore!  So now I’m sitting outside his room, with the door open and he climbs out of bed and comes out, I put him back in bed. repeat. first night was only 20 times of putting him back and 25 minutes.  Last night took 40+ times and 45 minutes.  Let’s hope he gets the picture and it’ll be less tonight.  Two steps forward, one step back.

Oh and Avery still wakes up a little too early every AM and I can’t resist cuddling with him for a bit before we start our day…


Some days he passes back out so I can get myself ready before he’s up and running around.

4. Mornings with Avery

I love my mornings with Avery.  When he was younger, it was tough because he wanted to be held and picked up.  Now we have quite an agreeable routine.  We wake up, grab his milk and apple jacks.  He sits on his step stool eating while I shower and dress.  And most days we have a fiasco of toys or food on the floor..


I can’t help but laugh though.. because it’s no big deal and he thinks its soo funny and starts yelling ‘oh no! oh no!’

5. Clean House!

I’ve spent the past couple weeks cleaning the house and prepping it to sell.  Little by little.  Some nights I don’t have time because Avery takes forever to fall asleep and then I have to clean up the mess from dinner and wash dishes and do laundry.  But some nights I’ve had time to pack stuff away.  Avery’s Room is all clean and organized and it’s stayed that way for a week.




The living room is also done, and the dining room is allllmost done.  Soon it’ll be ready to sell!

What were your highlights from the week?

Picture-esque Weekend

I finally broke down and signed up for Instagram.  I have a hard enough time keeping up with Facebook, Linked-in, the blog, etc.  I don’t even have a Twitter account (yet)… but since I love taking pictures of Avery, so I used the cool instagram thingy this weekend.. mixed with some ‘normal’ pictures… our weekend went a little like this…

December first…and our first snow!


Avery loved touching it and eventually grabbed a handful of it on the ground… I didn’t get a shot of that because since there was only a little snow on the ground he picked up a mound of dirt with it – had to grab his hand before it got all over him because we were headed to the mall…


Before getting our Christmas shopping on, I wore Avery out.  I took him to the play area in the mall for an hour.  I love taking him early in the morning… only a couple other kids (including 3 girls that kept following him around trying to hold his hand… oh man it’s already starting!)

Then we hit up the smoothie shop for a kids sized Strawberry shortcake (strawberries & yogurt) smoothie to share…


Avery got a kick outta sipping on the smoothie and watching the snow fall outside.  Then we were off shopping!  No pictures of that… Avery quickly passed out and I was able to score goodies for him and stockings AND got a spanking new bra (I know, you totally wanted to know this)  from Victoria’s Secret, thanks to my Aunt Candy’s birthday gift card.  After having a baby and an every changing body, a good fitting bra is like heaven!

Then it was home to make rice crispy treats!  I was trying to think of a quick and inexpensive, but thoughtful, gift for Avery’s daycare girls.  I would like to say Avery helped me, but I was able to make them while he played in his cupboard and experienced his first marshmallow…

He tasted it and started smiling and squealing and then figured out he could poke it with his finger…


He was too funny.  Within 20 minutes the treats were done and I shared one with Avery.  He LOVED the green and red m and m’s in them… he kept pointing at them and I let him have a litter (hoping he would still sleep that night) and he would stomp the ground with his feet in excitement!.  Last night I decorated some bags with the treats in them and handed them out this morning at daycare, and one to a friend at work.

Sunday the snow was gone and Avery got his ride on…

Oh and can you believe these pumpkins are still intact… we’ve had them since before Halloween!

The rest of Sunday was much needed cleaning… the bathroom, Avery’s room, the living and dining rooms… and three loads of laundry.  It was quite a task, but it was sooo needed and now everything smells so fresh and clean!  In the midst of chasing Avery with the vacuum (he loves it..and yells at it as if he’s talking back to the humming sound), I rearranged his room to make a little reading nook – since we read on the floor before bedtime.


Then I took a few more shots while I was in there…


It’s changed so much since he was a baby…


Now there are toys EVERYWHERE and forget cleaning them up for a ‘staged’ picture.. because they’ll just be on the floor again 20 seconds later.


And see our changing table turned into a toy shelf with bins…. I decided to utilize it instead of put it away because Avery’s too big to be changed on it, but it’s great to store toys now!

And that was pretty much our weekend…(oh and I went to the gym…TWICE!)

What did you do over the weekend?  Did you get snow!?  

Things That Go Bump in The Night

  1. A pacifier hitting the floor
  2. My shoulder slamming into the doorway as I navigate in the dark to Avery’s crib
  3. Avery’s head bonking the side of the crib

These three little things all contribute to a difficult night.  Avery wakes up because his pacifier dropped out the side of the crib. I have to go searching, in the dark, usually bumping into something on the way, find the pacifier, wash it in the bathroom, and get it to him.  If I don’t do this fast enough, he’ll get very mad and can’t be consoled without a bottle.  And many times after I’ve put Avery down for the night, and he’s still babbling and rolling around in his crib before falling asleep, I hear a ‘bonk’ followed by an immediate ‘Wahhh!’ Because our little guy tosses and turns and twists himself in the crib that he hits his head, and sometimes I go in to check on him and he’s got both feet sticking out through the sides of the crib.

So, if you remember back, we decided to take the bumpers off the crib before Avery used it – because they could cause SIDS. We put the bumpers up on the wall as a border, and it actually looked really good…

And this worked well because we weren’t worried about Avery in the middle of the night.  But not that Avery is very mobile, sleeps on his belly, and has a loose blanket with him at night, we thought safe to put the bumpers back in.

We hope it’ll also put an end to the things that go bump in the night… and helps Avery get back into sleeping through the night because he’s still not sleeping through:(

Oh, and if you noticed, we took the mobile down.  Avery now has a nightlight that projects images onto the ceiling and the mobile was in the way… plus that thing only lasted like 2-3 minutes and then we’d have to go wind it up again.  The new nursery player we has is set to 20 minutes.  Plus, soon, Avery will be pulling himself up in the crib and we don’t want him grabbing and pulling down the mobile, so it all works out…

Did/do you use crib bumpers?  We hear that they’re outlawed in some states What about a mobile?  Was/is yours useful or did your little one outgrow it?

Nursery Shuffle

Although Avery has been here for a while, we are still tweaking his room.  No, we didn’t pain the walls blue!  Remember what the nursery looked like from our last update when we installed the new light fixture?  Since then we made a few changes.  With the help of my mom, we shifted the crib from the corner to the center of the back wall, and moved the shelving unit to that corner.  It looks much more spacious now! We added Avery’s name above his crib, and although the bedding set we got for Avery is adorable – there are many articles about crib bumpers, and how they are dangerous and can cause suffocation.  So, we took those out and re-used them as decoration by pinning them up as a border on the wall.

Avery seems to enjoy his new surroundings…

And this picture I love… Frasier (my parent’s dog introduced in our Thanksgiving post) is guarding Avery in his crib…

So, that’s what the nursery looks like (for now). And it isn’t far from the orginial design I had planned for the room.  Before Avery was born, I used a 3D modeling software called SketchUp to model the room.  Here are a few images from the original design…

Let There Be Light!

Although Avery has been keeping us busy, we’ve found time to make some needed updates within the house.   Specifically, we’ve had two projects hanging over our heads (literally) since we moved in.

The Dining Room Light Fixture Switcheroo:

This is the lighting fixture we inherited in the dining room:

After we moved in, we took down the fixture, and found that the light didn’t have a box, and would be much more difficult to switch, so we left the project hanging for a while… In the meantime, Avery came.  So our first night back from the hospital, we had dinner with family and friends under our lovely mid-construction light fixture:

Then, with the help of my dad, who was visiting for Avery’s birth, Vinay & Dad put up the new light fixture.  This is what they started with…

And because our ceilings are low, we decided on this new fixture instead of a chandelier:

So, the men went to work…

And here is the final product!

A close up:

The Nursery Light Fixture Switcheroo:

So, after the successful install of our dining room light, we attempted the nursery light.  This is the original nursery and light fixture:

And you can see from this nursery progress picture, we took down the old fixture, but didn’t get to replacing it until after Avery came.

So, with what he learned from the dining room light fixture, Vinay attempted to put in the nursery light.  This proved much more complicated though… there were extra wires which caused the electrical box to short… so the nursery looked like this for a few days until we could get our electrician in to finish it for us.  And you can see from this next picture that theres a light switch above the crib (where the old doorway used to be), so the electrician moved that to the doorway.

The new light switch vs. the old one:

And the new nursery light:

Oh, I just realized the pile of dirty clothes on the rocker… proof that our life isn’t perfect with a little one to care for!