NUMB3RS: April Showers

April showers were more than rain this past month.  The blog had a shower of visitors, smashing record visits, post ‘likes’ and followers.  Our home was showered with new dining decor and $$$ for a future project.  And our home was filled with giggles, smiles, and amazement as we watched Avery learn to sit by himself!

Here’s a recap of the past month in the Ratnam Residence:

Showers of Visitors

10 Visitors googled ‘ratnam residence’ to find us last month

50 Countries checked us out in April, alone!

Top Countries: #1 US.  #2 UK.  #3 Canada.  #4 India

55 Followers. 17 more people joined us last month!

96 Visitors a day, on average.  That’s up from 64 last month.

100 Likes.  We had our hundredth person hit the Like button this month!

129 Comments per month on average.   Thanks for all your feedback, comments, help, and suggestions!

231 Visitors on our bussiest day, ever! The most visits was on the day we I shared about my halfway point in my FIT in 40 health kick.

2,889 Blog visits – a record! 900+ more visits than last month!

Showers of Avery Giggles & Proud Parent Smiles

0 number of times Avery has crawled.  He is so close!  Maybe sometime this month…

1 Avery’s only uncle visited from Germany and met Avery for the first time!

2 There are two rival teams in our house, and Avery is caught in the middle…

6 days I have left to get back in shape for our big vacation to Costa Rica!

7 Avery turned 7 months old this month! He had his 6-month check-up early in the month and we found out he’s tall and has a big head!

10 number of first foods Avery has tried – Check out his food ratings for each, here.

baby playing with spoon

24 We captured 24 hours of a typical Manic Monday.

Showers of Home Projects

0 date nights this month.  The one we had planned was interrupted by a bug I had all weekend

1  yummy banana bread – recipe here

3 I make time for ‘me time‘ with three activities a day

6 new knobs on our wine bar match our new dining room console

4 hours of sleep lost to help design a cabin in the woods

11% of our tax refund is going to a new deck!

What were you showered with for the month of April? Did you accomplish a big project at home, or make milestones with your little one, or find time for yourself? Compare these numbers with the previous months –  January,  February, March.